Retreats at Aylesford Priory

shrinearea00118th February 2017  Mindfulness in the Christian Context

A day for those interested in mindfulness and how it relates to Christian contemplation.  Some see the two as opposed but, during our day together, we shall be exploring how they may be married to our Christian lives.                                                  Peter Tyler


Lent Talks

                        (6.30 pm Evening Prayer, 7.00 pm Soup, 7.30 pm - 9 pm Talk)

Living the Gospel Today

8th March        What do we mean by Faith?   - Bernard Hoose

15th March      What is Love really?   - Paul de Groot O. Carm. & Maggie Cascioli

22nd March     What is Church?   - Kevin Alban, O.Carm.

29th March      What is the Christian view of Peace?     - Bernard Hoose

5th April           Hearing God's voice today     - Michael Cox O.Carm.


24th - 26th March      Lent Retreat

Water, New Sight and New Life

A reflective consideration of the main themes of the Lenten Sunday readings that speak to us of water, light and eternal life.  Francis Kemsley, O.Carm and Kevin Alban, O.Carm

Cost £160 single, £155 senior citizen, £146 shared


13th - 16th April      Easter Triduum

Come and celebrate the powerful and solemn days of Holy Week and Easter in the beautiful and peaceful setting of Aylesford.  Joseph Chalmers, O.Carm, and Pastoral Team

Cost £255 single, £243 senior citizen, £237 shared


28th - 30th April      Our responsibility for the Environment

Fr Eduardo, an Argentinian Carmelite, scientist and advisor to Pope Francis, will be looking at Christianity and Ecology in our world.   Fr Eduardo Agosta Scarel, O.Carm.

Cost £160 single, £155 senior citizen, £146 shared


6th May      A Day of Reflection for Religious

"Come aside and rest awhile!"  Challenge and hope.      Sheila Grimwood and Maggie Cascioli


20th May      Prayer and Poetry

A day of exploration of prayer through the media of poetry.      Elena White


27th May      St Mary Magdalen de'Pazzi

On the 450th anniversary of her birth, her life and relevance for believers today.  Kevin Alban, O.Carm.


3rd June      Pentecost - The Holy Spirit in our Lives

What does it mean to say "I believe in the Holy Spirit"?  A day of prayer and reflection as we prepare for the coming of the Spirit.      Kevin Alban, O.Carm


17th June      Walking with God in the Garden

Reflecting on how nature can deepen and enhance our relationship with God.  Gardening gloves would be useful if you have them.      Jayne Hoose and Paul de Groot, O.Carm.


24th June      Quiet Day

The pace of life can be frenetic.  We all need a space to slow down and listen to our heart.  On this quiet day, a gentle structure will be provided for prayer and reflection in a peaceful atmosphere.      Joseph Chalmers, O. Carm.


8th July      Walking:  Guide my feet in Your Way

A pilgrimage day in the byways of Kent.  As we walk together (for about 7 miles) we hope to gently discern, through our surroundings and the gift of each other, how God is calling us to be.      Maggie Cascioli and Paul de Groot, O. Carm.


14th - 16th July      Mary and the Carmelite Tradition

Mary and the Carmelite tradition in the light of the Second Vatican Council.      Francis Kemsley, O. Carm.                                                     Cost £160 single, £155 senior citizen, £146 shared


14th - 18th August      Summer Stillness

A time for going in to the desert and, like the prophet Elijah, listening to the voice of God in the silence.  This is a personally guided retreat which involves a daily meeting with one of the directors, each having experience in spiritual accompaniment.  There will be no group talks.  Begins with supper at 7.00 pm on Monday and ends with lunch on Friday.      Francis Kemsley, O.Carm., Bernard Hoose and Sr Felicity Young OSU,

Cost £360 single, £350 senior citizen, £330 shared


19th August      Poetry and Prayer for all Seasons of Life

During this day we will reflect on the different phases of our spiritual journey and look at poems that might nourish us in times of joy and sadness, darkness and light.    Sr Felicity Young OSU.


Evening Talks

                (6.30 pm Evening Prayer, 7.00 pm Soup, 7.30 pm - 9.00 pm Talk)

Living the Gospel Today

13th September      Living as a Disciple  -  Bernard Hoose

20th September         How do we Serve?  -  Ian Black

27th September         What does Humility mean?  -  Sheila Grimwood


29th Sept - 1st Oct      Therese of Lisieux

"St. Thérèse and God's Unconditional Mercy".  A reflection upon how Thérèse's experience of God's mercy can help us today.         Robert Colaresi, O.Carm.

Cost £160 single, £155 senior citizen, £146 shared


14th October      Entering the World of the New Testament

An opportunity to consider the social and cultural factors that would have affected the biblical authors and their intended audience.          Michael Cox, O. Carm.


21st October      Wellbeing

The day seeks to explore how we can find Christ through our whole being: body, heart, mind and soul.  We shall explore simple exercises based on the Christian tradition that will bring us closer to the mystery of God's presence dwelling in our lives.    Peter Tyler


11th November St Teresa of Avila - Teacher of prayer for today

An exploration of Teresa's vision of prayer as vitally apostolic in the world today.      Sheila Grimwood


1st - 3rd December      Advent Retreat - Preparing the Way

God will come into our lives.  Everything will change.  We will change.  Our world will be transformed, if we will only let it happen.  Letting it happen involves preparing the way.  The nature of that preparation is the theme of this retreat.      Bernard Hoose

Cost £160 single, £155 senior citizen, £146 shared.


WEEKENDS normally begin with supper at 7 pm on Friday and end with lunch at 1 pm on Sunday.  The EASTER TRIDUUM begins at 5.30 pm on Thursday and ends with lunch on Sunday.  DAYS begin at 10 am and end by 4 pm.  On Days Tea / Coffee will be provided; please bring your own lunch or use the Tea Room.  EVENINGS begin at 6.30 pm with Evening Prayer and end by 9 pm.

For further information or to reserve a place, please contact

Retreats, The Friars, Aylesford, Kent ME 20 7BX

Tel: 01622 717272