Support & Revenue

All the income received by the Society of the Little Flower is audited annually in accordance with UK Charity and Company Law and annual accounts lodged with Companies House and the Charity Commission for England and Wales. An overview of the financial activities for 2014 can be viewed at the Charity Commission website, where full details of the accounts and the Trustees' report on the individual projects funded in 2015 are available, together with information on previous years.

Every year, the Society draws up a budget which includes a substantial donation to the Carmelite Curia in Rome for the use of missions.  Since it inception in 2002, the Curia has received and distributed nearly €5 million euros to various missions around the world.  Some activities, such as the mission in Mozambique or the Latin Delegation in India have received almost all their funding from the Little Flower; others have received an initial injection of money and have then become financially more independent; others still have been able to send students to study abroad thanks to the generosity of the Little Flower donors.  It is the belief of Fr Kevin Alban O.Carm., current chair of the Trustees, that "it would have been absolutely impossible for the Order to finance its missionary expansion and consolidate it without the help of all those donors who by prayer and support have made the impossible possible.  So our greatest debt is to many who have each given a little to make our mission work possible."

To view a selection of the range of projects supported through Little Flower member donations, please visit our Photo Gallery.