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How long has the Society been in existence?

The Society of the Little Flower in the UK started life in the early years of the 21st century.

As the 20th century drew to a close, the Carmelite Order was in a phase of expansion. The Order had moved into many countries where it had never been before: Bolivia, Mexico, El Salvador, Lithuania, Ukraine, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Timor Est, Papua New Guinea and  Vietnam. There were moves to better the lives of many people in very poor countries like Timor Est. However it was clear that just as the Order was expanding in some parts, it was getting older and shrinking in other parts. This meant that those provinces which in the past had provided funds for missions and had sponsored them in many ways no longer had enough resources to meet their own needs and those of the missions. It was going to be very difficult to finance some of the missionary projects in the future. Indeed, more and more provinces asked the central administration, or General Curia, of the Order for help.

With this in mind, Fr Joseph Chalmers, Prior General of the Order at that time, wrote to various Carmelites around the world to ask their advice about how the General Curia of the Order could make sure that we would be able to continue to pay for these very important activities. The response he received from Carmelites in the USA was most encouraging. A Carmelite founded and managed organisation known as “The Society of the Little Flower” had existed there for many years with a two-fold purpose: to spread devotion to St. Thérèse, the Little Flower, and to raise funds for the pastoral activities of the Carmelites. He was offered the possibility of establishing another similar society to spread this devotion more widely and to raise funds for the many and growing missionary activities.

He accepted this very generous offer and decided to go ahead with establishing the Society in Europe. The obvious place to begin was in England and so we started. There were many teething problems at the beginning but slowly and surely things settled down. The first mailing was sent out in 2002 more in hope than in expectation and we were astonished at the response from people who loved the material on St. Thérèse that we had distributed. We were equally astonished at the generosity of people who wanted to support our Carmelite missions. In our first year of operation we were already able to send some help to our missions and from there things have only got better.


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How are my donations to Society of the Little Flower used?

Donations to the Society go directly to support the Carmelites around the world. Through your donations, the work of the Carmelites can continue in many areas, these include:

The formation and education of future Priests and Brothers through our seminaries. The Society also assists communities of Sisters around the world.

Serving the poor in parishes and communities in a variety of countries.Those people that need to know of God's Love the most are often ignored. Through the ministries of the Carmelites, these often neglected Children of God receive important life-lines, and become self-initiating and self-sustaining.

The needs are endless, but so is the wonderful generosity of the friends of St. Therese and the Society of the Little Flower. St. Therese wanted to go to the ends of the world to make God's love known. Through your generous offerings and sacrificial donations, the Carmelites are able to fulfil her missionary dream and preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Visit the link below to our photo gallery and see the ways in which your donation enables the Carmelites to continue the mission of St. Therese and spread the Gospel of God throughout the world.

Photo Gallery

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Is the Society a charitable organisation?

Yes. The Society of the Little Flower is a "charitable company limited by guarantee" operating under English law.  This means that it is both a charity and subject to the requirements of the Charity Acts, as well as to the Charity Commission, and a registered company which must comply with the legislation in place for all companies.  You can look us up on the Charity Commission website (Charity No 1123034)  and see all our financial returns.  The Trustees function as Directors of the Company and they are:

The Most Reverend Fernando Millan Romeral O. Carm - Prior General of the Carmelite Order

The Most Reverend Joseph Chalmers O. Carm - former Prior General of the Carmelite Order

The Reverend Kevin Alban O. Carm - Chair of Trustees

The Very Reverend Carl Markelz O.Carm - Bursar General of the Carmelite Order 

The Reverent Robert Colaresi O. Carm - Director of the US and Canadian Society of the Little Flower

Ms Pauline Stuart - lay advisor, based in the UK

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Where is the Society located?

The Society of the Little Flower has offices in England, the United States and Canada.

In England, our address is:

Society of the Little Flower
West Suite, 2nd Floor
Barclays House, 51 Bishopric
Horsham, RH12 IQJ, England

In the United States, our address is:

Society of the Little Flower
1313 Frontage Road
Darien, Illinois 60561-5340

In Canada, our address is:

Society of the Little Flower
7021 Stanley Avenue
Niagara Falls, Ontario L2G 7B7


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How can I reach the Society?

There are several easy ways to reach the Society.

  • If you are calling from the UK, you can reach us on our local rate number 0845 602 9884.
  • If you are calling from outside the UK, you can reach us on 44 1403 274242.
  • If you prefer to send us a fax, our fax number is 44 1403 274242
  • If you would like to send us an e-mail, it can be sent to
  • As always, if you choose to write to us, we would love to hear from you. Our addresses can be found in the previously asked question.

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Is the Society eligible for GiftAid in the UK

Society of the Little Flower in the UK, as a registered charity is signed up to the Gift Aid programme with HMRC.

If you are a UK tax payer with income above £10,000 per year, you can increase your donation by an additional 25p in the £ by indicating that you wish for Gift Aid to be added to your donation.  You do not need to do anything other than make the declaration which can be found on this website at the point that you make a donation.  The Society of the Little Flower will reclaim the relevant amount direct from HMRC.  In 2013, we were able to reclaim nearly £70,000 to further the work of the Carmelites.

If you have previously signed a Gift Aid declaration with the Society and are no longer a tax payer, please contact us to ensure we cancel any future claims.







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Is the Society a member of of any professional organisations.


The Society has organisational membership of the Institute of Fundraising and of the Direct Marketing Association in the UK.  It is also a member of Fundraising Ireland.  These memberships require that the Society subscribes to the professional standards and good practice set by the three organisations.  

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