You and I are beloved by God and His special friend, St. Thérèse.   She has constantly demonstrated her powerful influence on God’s Heart.  Her intercession is incredible!

On 1st October, we are celebrating her entrance into eternal life. As this wonderful heavenly birthday celebration approaches, I warmly invite you to celebrate her Feast Day with us.

Continue the special tradition we have created together! Submit your petitions below to be written on a small piece of cloth. If received in the next few weeks, these personal prayers will be woven together into the 2017 Feast Day Banner, which will be displayed during our St. Therese Feast Day Celebration.

Your faith, friendship and devotion, as well as your trusting confidence in God’s goodness and love, all touch her sensitive and responsive heart.  

Let us make this a wholehearted celebration of faith and love.  Let the Prayer Banner proudly proclaim our trust in her intercession, our intentions articulate our connection with great human needs, and our generosity support her outreach through her Carmelite brothers and sisters.


Receive this Crystal Rose as a gift for a Feast Day Donation of £20 or more made through our website.

While supplies last.



St. Therese Feast Day, 2017