Dear Friends of St. Therese,

God answers our every prayer with the gift of grace, the loving presence and confident awareness of God.  Can you think of someone today to whom you could send this gift?

Request these beautiful and grace-filled Spiritual Message Cards to share with those you love a deep confidence and trust in God's ever-present grace, goodness, healing, and comfort.

This is my prayer and my hope as I send you these Spiritual Message Cards from the Society of the Little Flower.  Each card carries a message of grace from St. Therese, along with the message of confidence that they are being remembered in prayer by the Carmelites throughout the world.

For those celebrating the wondrous gift of more life and marking a birthday, let them be again reminded through our prayers of the Source of the gift of life they have received.

And for those to whom you wish to send prayer and blessings, there is a Little Flower to remind them they are being thought of and prayed for.

For those in sorrow and in need of God's strength and comfort, let this special card assure them that St. Therese intercedes for them and the Carmelites pray with and for them.

I ask you today to give lovingly back to God in generous thanksgiving for every grace and every blessing in your life.  Please help the Carmelites - be generous through the Society of the Little Flower.

Please use these Spiritual Message Cards to seek the presence and intercession of our very special heavenly friend in the lives of those you love. The Carmelites would be honored to pray with you for the intentions of your heart and the needs of your family and friends.

I thank you in the name of St. Therese, Little Flower of the Child Jesus, for supporting your Carmelite Priests and Brothers through your generous charity and faithful prayers.

May our all-loving God look upon your quiet acts of love and kindness and reward you with His abundant grace!

In Her Love,

Fernando Millan Romeral, O. Carm.
Prior General


Suggested donation: £3 per card

Wonderful Birthday

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Special Birthday

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Thinking of You Card

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Your every gift of prayer, faith, and love to the Society of the Little Flower furthers the Gospel work of the Carmelites, and in that way, continues St. Therese's desire to go to the ends of the world, doing good.

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