Following St. Therese’s “little way”, we want to subtly and directly share the truth – the Gospel – the good news of what Christmas is truly all about!

Religious Christmas cards speak the message. Jesus asked us all to proclaim the message of God's love. We do it with gifts, greetings, decorations, cards, and by spending time with people we love.

Please use these Christmas cards to share your love – and God's love – with your beloved family and friends. Each card contains a heart-warming message of prayer.  The people to whom you send these Christmas cards are being remembered by the Carmelites in five Novenas of Masses beginning on Christmas day. Please make sure to submit your Christmas intentions in the space below.

As your heart overflows with generosity, help the Carmelites serve the poor throughout the world. St. Therese wanted to “make God known and loved to the ends of the world.” Her Carmelites need your prayers and support to fulfill this mission. 

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Madonna and Child Ornament


Receive our special Madonna and Child Ornament for a Christmas Novena donation of £20 or more made through our website.

One ornament per order, while supplies last.

Wise Men Cards

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Baby Jesus Card

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Angel Card

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Madonna and Child Card

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Your every gift of prayer, faith, and love to the Society of the Little Flower furthers the Gospel work of the Carmelites, and in that way, continues St. Therese's desire to go to the ends of the world, doing good.

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