In her short time on earth, God blessed St. Therese as a Springtime blossom, His beloved “Little Flower.”  And in her own little way, she then brought peace and joy – and especially God’s love – to the hearts of others.

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As friends of the Little Flower, you and I are encouraged to go and do likewise. Knowing we are special and beloved of God, we are asked to live each ordinary day loving others just as God loves us.

St. Therese's example encourages wonderful expressions of such love in action. She wrote poems, letters, notes, and prayer cards to encourage others. She gave freshly picked flowers from her garden to enrich others' life with joy. She seemed to know who needed a kind smile, a healing word, or even a challenging nudge.

These are the little things of everyday love in action. Her "Little Way" is simple but awesome. She warmed people's hearts. She brought light to their eyes and their very souls.

Today I warmly invite you to celebrate St. Valentine's Day, the Feast Day of Love. With your word, your call, your note or special card, you too can bring someone you love a smile, a word of hope, a message of peace - a gift of your own love in action.

Our specially designed St. Valentine's Cards can help you deliver that gift of love.

They are for the important people in your life. Each will say, "You are special to me," and "God cherishes you and loves you."

The people who receive your prayerful cards will be remembered in five Novenas of Masses celebrated by the Carmelites, beginning on February 14. 

Thank you for being the loving Valentine you are, moving us from Winter into the Springtime of the Little Flower. You reflect the Heart of God to so many people in more places than you know.

God bless you,

Fr. Fernando Millan Romeral, O.Carm.


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