Christmas Cards and Novenas

Beloved Friends of St. Therese,

This time of year is filled with activity - so much so that this season of celebration can turn into a season of stress! But, as we prepare to celebrate the birth of the Infant Jesus we need to slow things down a bit and focus on the miraculous simplicity with which our Saviour entered the world.

The infinite wisdom of God shines through the sweet innocent face of the Infant Jesus. Our beloved St. Therese accurately captures this idea in a poem, writing “Yes, who can fathom this marvelous thing? God makes Himself a little Child, He, the eternal, almighty King…”

All that we do at Christmastime should honour this “marvelous thing” the Lord has done for us. Grandiose gestures are not required. You and I know that with the childlike simplicity of her spirituality and complete trust in God’s love St. Therese is an excellent example for us to follow.

For instance, one Christmas our beloved St. Therese encouraged the Sisters of Carmel to offer little notes, each representing the best they had to offer Him. Be it a song, a smile or simple kindness of the heart they presented Him with the very best of themselves. This is what God wants us to do!

That is why I am offering you the Society of the Little Flower Christmas Card Assortment once again this year. I hope you will send these gifts of prayer to your family and friends this year as well! Each recipient will be remembered by the Carmelites in the five Novenas of Masses beginning on Christmas Day.

My Carmelite Brothers and Sisters throughout the world are helping to fulfill the mission of St. Therese each and every day. They are making God known and loved in faraway places like South and Central America, Asia, and Africa. Your Christmas card donations will go to support them in their efforts to provide food, medical care and education as concrete expressions of God’s love.

I ask the Lord to bless your Christmas season. May you be filled with the childlike simplicity of spirit that comes from focusing on the uncomplicated way with which our Savior was delivered to us. I am so grateful for you, for your prayers and for your continued financial support!

Wishing you a Blessed Christmas,

Most Rev. Fernando Millan Romeral, O. Carm.
Prior General



Each packet contains 4 cards: Madonna and Child, Wise Men, Holy Family, and Angel.  All cards bear the message: 

"As a gift of love and friendship, the Carmelites are remembering you and your intentions in five Novenas of Masses beginning on Christmas Day."

Please let us know how many packets of Christmas cards you would like to request below